About Us


ISO MATRIX is an ISO 9001:2015 certified international company focusing on positioning-related technology for the steel industries.

Established in 2015, ISO MATRIX has been working in the construction industry, and completed many detailing projects. We offer quality and customized engineering for Fabricators and Erectors to build steel structures.

We strive to reduce lead times by adopting better scheduling and production control habits, our designers implement their years of specialist experience in structural engineering and create the latest 3D models. To provide a client oriented customized structural fabrication we draw as per the fabricator’s standards viz., AISC, OSHA, AWS, AESS, SSPC.

For steel detailing projects our experts use Software’s like Tekla, SDS/2,and REVIT. For developing structural steel confection we stick to the AISC. For connection design we are follow ASD and LRFD codes.

ISO MATRIX is brand built by the detailing of our commitment to Quality maintenance, on Time delivery and Customer satisfaction. With a strong capable team, we handle all types of projects and deliver highest quality of error free engineering service.

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